The importance of signal jammer field testing

The importance of signal jammer field testing

In examinations, signal jammers have become standard equipment in examination rooms. For example, high school entrance examinations, postgraduate examinations, civil service examinations, and various qualification certificate examinations will use interference devices to prevent candidates from communicating with the outside world through wireless signals. In order to cope with the situation in the exam, schools all over the country are also stepping up preparations for the exam, especially in the construction of the exam room. In order to prevent candidates from cheating through mobile phones and other communication tools, schools are purchasing and installing wireless signal jamming device. The signal blocker can shield the 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and WiFi signals of the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone cannot work normally, and can effectively prevent students from cheating by using electronic devices such as cell phones. It is precisely because the jammer has such a good device effect that it has become one of the necessary device in many examination places.

In order to ensure the quality and scope of the shielding effect when purchasing a signal jamming device, it is best to conduct an on-site test on the signal shielding device. Because the external environment of each examination room is different, especially some examination rooms are relatively close to the communication signal base station, the low-power jammer may not be able to achieve the required shielding effect due to the influence of the signal base station, or even fail to achieve the shielding effect , which requires more powerful high-power interference equipment. Therefore, when purchasing a signal jamming device, it is best to conduct a test on the actual use site.

signal jammer testing

The importance of field testing signal jammers is self-evident

Determine the shielding range: the size and layout of each test room are different, and the shielding range of signal jammer is limited. Through on-site testing, the effective coverage of signal interference can be determined to ensure that all candidates cannot receive external wireless signals in the examination room, thereby preventing cheating.

Evaluate the interference effect: Through the field test, the interference effect can be evaluated. There may be some sources of interference around the testing site, such as nearby communication towers or other wireless devices. On-site testing can verify the performance of the signal jammer in the actual environment, ensuring that it can effectively shield wireless signals in the examination room without being affected by external interference.

Troubleshoot potential problems: On-site testing can help uncover potential problems or pitfalls. For example, it may be found that there are signal blind spots or dead spots in some areas, and the signal cannot be completely blocked. By discovering and solving these problems in time, the effect of signal interference can be improved and the fairness and seriousness of the exam can be ensured.

Guarantee device stability: On-site testing can also verify the stability and reliability of the signal jammer. The device should be able to work stably for a long time without frequent failures or interfering interruptions. Through on-site testing, it can be ensured that the device operates continuously and stably throughout the examination process without affecting the smooth progress of the examination.

Field testing signal jammers is critical to ensure shielding effectiveness and device stability. When purchasing signal jammers, schools or examination institutions should negotiate with suppliers and conduct on-site tests to ensure that the purchased equipment meets the requirements and can effectively shield wireless signals in practical applications to maintain the fairness and security of the examination.

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