The development of science and technology should legalize jammers

The development of science and technology should legalize jammers

Do you think that as science and technology develop, you will accept the demand for mobile jammers to be legalized? ? How should we deal with it beforehand? In this regard, I conducted a simple questionnaire survey where respondents are mainly divided into age groups, one is teenagers, one is middle aged, and the other is older. They have different views on the matter, but they all aim to protect and exercise their rights to a greater extent. The internet has different views on this matter. People deeply affected by phone noise are excited to see that GPS jammer can be legally used by individuals.

More and more students are using smartphones and electronic products to cheat exams. Not listening closely to the teacher in the classroom, they spent too much time playing with smartphones and electronic products instead of doing homework and taking tests. Some of them have no choice but to cheat to pass the exam. The smartphone is the best tool for finding information and connecting. As a result, smartphones and electronic products have become targets that students can cheat on.

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As a teacher, do you think you should use a cell phone jammer? This is to protect your rights. Lots of people call and ask about the legal use of WiFi jammers. They can be used instead of harming other or illegal things. If so, I personally think that legalizing the use of mobile jammers should be advocated. If they haven't received a cell phone signal, maybe they should understand the civilized consciousness in public places.

There has been controversy over whether the school allows students to bring smartphones and electronic devices into school and whether they can install wireless jammers in the school to prevent students from using their cell phones in secret. We know that many schools prohibit students from using cell phones, but this is not convenient for parents. Some students can sneak a cell phone, but the school cannot find it. At the same time, the number of teachers is limited and cannot manage every student. So is it time to think about using cell phone jammers?

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