Talk about the signal jammer in the examination room

Talk about the signal jammer in the examination room

Nowadays, the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room is not a rare thing. This kind of equipment can be seen everywhere, especially in schools. Many people do not know what the signal blocker in the examination room does. During the examination, there is a fluke mentality, and they sneak their mobile phone into the examination room, but the mobile phone cannot access the Internet. The appearance design of the mobile phone signal blocker in the examination room is somewhat similar to the appearance of the router. As an instrument that can block the connection between the mobile phone and the signal base station, the signal jammer in the examination room also plays a significant role in real life.

Now, as long as some large-scale exams, many schools will choose to install mobile phone signal jammers in the classrooms. After all, the signal jammers in the examination room are generally small in size, do not occupy a lot of space, and are very portable to use. The mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room are mainly used to shield mobile phone signals. Different brands have different signal shielding effects. To choose a regular manufacturer. During the test, use the test room signal shield to shield the signal in the test room, and the shielding is more accurate. The test room signal blocker will not block the signals of other electronic equipment.

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In addition, the signal jammers in the examination room have professional test reports, which are in line with national standards, and will not affect the health of students and teachers in the examination room, which can completely eliminate worries.

After the mobile phone signal jammer is turned on, it will interfere with the reception and transmission of communication signals, preventing candidates from using mobile devices to cheat and violate regulations. In addition to being used in school exams, mobile phone signal jammers are also suitable for various places with wireless routers, laptops and desktops with wireless LAN cards. Computers and wireless routers can communicate directly with the Internet, so there is a Possibility of leakage through wireless network. At this time, using a mobile phone signal jammer to interfere with WIFI can provide security protection for fixed and wireless local area networks.

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