Signal jammers can cut the frequency you want to target

Signal jammers can cut the frequency you want to target

Cell phones and games have become the biggest challenges in education. Banning the use of cell phones is a good management method. Mobile jammers are not about checking the room and taking strict control measures, but about being an effective method. The principle of a GPS jammer is very simple. The frequency used for transmission affects the signal frequency of the mobile phone. If the equipment is out of range will affect those around it, it should be carefully evaluated. He said the school was only used at night.

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The school is not an expert and does not understand the consequences of installing jammers, so it must listen to the voice of the regulator. It is increasingly used in theaters, hospitals, government agencies, etc. Mobile jammers can almost be purchased online. Some manufacturing companies use confidentiality as a selling point.

Advanced technology has brought convenience to mankind. Since the transmit power of the base station used for mobile communication is extremely high, the closer the shielding effect is to the base station, the worse the shielding effect will be. In foreign countries, cell phone signal blockers are nothing new. In the past two years, sales have started in the Chinese market. Cell phone jammers have been installed in parts of the classroom to prevent cheating. However, for more and more citizens, the misuse of these devices will undermine the freedom of communication of citizens.

It depends on the signal strength at the blocked location. The maximum blocking radius of the signal jammer is 20 meters. It is actually a large area. The most common signal jammers interfere with one or two frequency bands. The high power jammer cuts the highest frequency band of 868 MHz. The total power of this device is 15 W. The power supply is 50-60 Hz. Once fully charged, you can work for a long time. The mobile jammer, power adapter and 5 antennas are all part of the device. It can also be used in cars.

Many company employees complained after using the jammer. But the effect will be obvious. The volume of business this month increased by 10%. The use of jammers can improve performance. The company's popular products are GPS jammers. The most expensive is $ 3 or $ 4,000. The signal cutoff range is different. Many companies buy small jammers. It is placed in the meeting room. The development of mobile telephones has encouraged the development of telephone jammers. Cell phone signal jammers can help students learn. The WiFi jammer is definitely a good security product.

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