Should you choose a high-power jammer or a low-power jammer?

Should you choose a high-power jammer or a low-power jammer?

The shielding range of the signal interference equipment varies according to the difference in the power of the products. The high-power signal blocker used in the detention center have a shielding half-length of hundreds of meters, while the low-power signal interference equipment used in the test room and conference hall has a shielding half-length. Generally between 1-10 meters, depending on the compressive strength of the surrounding signal communication base stations.

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The shielding ability of high-power jammers is particularly strong, and the power can reach several hundred watts. Suitable for unique places such as prisons and detention centers. But it is also because its shielding ability is too strong. If it is near a residential area, it will more or less affect the normal mobile phone voice call requirements of the surrounding environment. Therefore, such signal jamming devices are generally used in relatively wide areas far away from residential areas. Conversely, the shorter power of low-power jamming devices is more suitable for classroom use. If there is a communication base station on the campus, and the mobile phone receives pulse signals ≥-90dBm, the actual shielding effect of the signal interference equipment will be very good, and there is no problem with shielding at a distance of 10 meters. It is enough to put one jammer in each classroom.

Now, more and more mobile phone signal transmission base stations are assembled in cities, which makes the signal compressive strength of the products become better and better. Originally, the shield can complete the shielding range with a radius of 10 meters. Now the shielding radius is likely to be reduced to 5 meters, and high-power shields have become a hot spot. This requires us to reconsider the selection of shielding equipment.

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