Should 4G signal jammer systems be designated in prisons? Which are necessary?

Should 4G signal jammer systems be designated in prisons? Which are necessary?

With the rapid development of mobile communication technology, mobile phones have increasingly become an indispensable tool for people's work and life. Modern communication means have created convenient, fast and accurate comprehensive services for us, but also brought increasingly serious environmental pollution, troubles in living and learning space, and hidden dangers of information security. The intelligent management and control of mobile phone communications in specific areas and special environments, and the use of signal blocker to manage and control communications is undoubtedly an important means to solve the problem of confidential information security and eliminate local disturbances to public social order.

Prisons are places where prisoners are held. Most of the detainees are criminals. Strengthening security measures is the primary task of improving the level of prison management.

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Nowadays, it is common for prisoners to use mobile phones. Some prisoners in prisons use illegally smuggled mobile phones to make calls, send text messages, access the Internet, obtain information, threaten witnesses, and even form gangs and organize prison escapes. Jailbreak incidents are all related to mobile phones. In order to adapt to the safety management requirements of prisons under the new situation, strengthen the awareness of scientific and technological prevention in prisons, improve the scientific management level of prisons, promote the construction of digital prisons, and establish a truly scientific, rigorous, stable, advanced and practical prison mobile phone control system. Imperative.

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