Shielding adjustment capabilities of 5G signal jammer management system

Shielding adjustment capabilities of 5G signal jammer management system

In today's society with the rapid development of communication technology, mobile phones have become an indispensable communication tool in people's work and life. The widespread use of mobile phones has brought convenience to communication, but it has also created some hidden information risks. It has brought severe challenges to the management of universities and middle schools in terms of test fairness, classroom order, and learning environment. Therefore, schools need to install 5G signal jammers and establish a unified shielding management system.

The 5G shielding system supports shielding mobile phones of different standards, has good shielding performance, and can be centrally managed by the platform software. Additional requirements for shielding systems are the ability to adjust the shielding range and not interfere with public mobile communications. On the premise of satisfying the shielding of the control area, 5G signal jammers are required to reduce the power of electromagnetic signals as much as possible to avoid electromagnetic pollution caused by excessive coverage. Low-power multi-point distributed shielding technology is used to accurately shield controlled areas to avoid the problems of strong radiation and serious interference in non-controlled areas caused by the use of high-power rough shielding.

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The signal jammer has good adaptive adjustment capabilities to ensure the reliability of signal shielding in the control area. When operators optimize and adjust mobile communication network parameters, they only need to upgrade or replace the main control unit to achieve shielding requirements without changing the purpose of the existing system. The shielding system has equipment monitoring capabilities so that managers can easily access multiple points to view the real-time operating status of shielding equipment and achieve hierarchical management. The system platform can monitor equipment, control shielding channel switches, shielding system selection, and shielding period settings, shielding area switch, etc. to ensure the reliability of system shielding.

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