Reduce the occurrence of "black flying" by means of drone jammers

Reduce the occurrence of "black flying" by means of drone jammers

During normal flight, the drone needs to be controlled by ground personnel using a remote control in order to control the operation of the drone, and these can be achieved only through the remote control. The remote control of the drone is similar to the remote control of air conditioners, TVs and some toys. Through a small handheld device, it uses wireless signals to communicate with the controlled device, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the device. Based on this principle, using drone jammer technology to implement signal jamming on some "black flying" drones has a high success rate.

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At present, the remote control radio frequency used by mainstream drones is 2.4GHz (2.4GHz is a working frequency, the frequency range is 2400M-2500M), and the 2.4GHz frequency band has become the main transmission frequency band of current wireless products, such as: WIFI, Bluetooth, etc. . The 2.4GHz frequency band wireless carrier used by drones is longer, and the communication distance is also farther. In an open area, the effective distance between an ordinary drone and the remote control is about 1 kilometer, and some drone jammers use this to effectively curb the "black flying" drones. When the drone jammer interferes with the "Black Fly" UAV, the UAV cannot receive radio waves, which will cause data loss. The same is true for interference with the 1.5GHz navigation signal used by drones. Nowadays, the use of drone jammers is more advanced in anti-drone, and the effect is also very significant.

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In the application field of drone defense and drone countermeasures, handheld drone jamming guns are the most widely used category of products. Because of its small size and relatively close weight, it is very convenient to carry, so it has been recognized and chosen by customers. However, the customer also found a problem during the use process: Many types of drone jamming guns purchased in the past were powered by either built-in rechargeable batteries or external dedicated batteries. To replace the battery or add a spare battery, you can often only find the source manufacturer to order and purchase this type of special battery. So the customer's demand was put forward: why the power supply battery of the drone jamming gun is not made detachable? Why is the battery made into a dedicated package or in the form of an overall package? Is it possible to consider choosing the most common 18650 battery, so that the battery can be purchased anywhere and replaced at any time?

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