Reasonable and compliant use of mobile phone signal jammers, communication and shielding are correct

Reasonable and compliant use of mobile phone signal jammers, communication and shielding are correct

When using cell phone jammer and other communication signal blocking equipment, you must be reasonably compliant. According to the current communication-related regulations, it is illegal to cause a large area of ​​interruption of the signal of others. Therefore, in order to ensure the communication of others , The signal shielding requirements are not delayed, and the use of mobile phone signal jammers must be reasonably compliant.

Many people should be very clear that the communication of mobile phones is transmitted through the signals of base stations, and the coverage of domestic mobile phone signals is relatively complete in the world. There are three major state-owned operators - China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom. They are sparing no effort to build base stations and other infrastructure to enhance mobile phone signal coverage, so that people can receive mobile phone signals anytime, anywhere, and complete signal transmission.

What the cell phone signal jammer does is to block the base station signal within a certain frequency band and a certain area, so that the cell phone communication equipment within the range of the cell phone signal jammer cannot transmit signals. Generally speaking, the cell phone signal shielding The device is mainly used in places where mobile phones are prohibited, such as prisons, public security, military centers, schools, and courts.

When using a mobile phone signal jammer, it must be reasonably compliant and try not to disturb the people. For example, a villager in Shijiazhuang used a mobile phone signal jammer improperly, which caused serious interference to several nearby communication base stations, making it impossible for thousands of mobile phone users in the area to communicate normally. Later, under the investigation of the law enforcement officers of the local radio administration bureau in Shijiazhuang, they found the source of the mobile phone signal shielding, and persuaded the villager to remove the mobile phone signal shielding device so as not to interfere with other people's mobile phone signals. After nearly 4 hours of deadlock, the parties involved. The resistance gradually subsided, and the illegal interference equipment was removed by itself, and the communication base station resumed normal operation.

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It can be seen that when using the mobile phone signal jammer, the villagers in Shijiazhuang interfere with the normal signal communication of others in order to meet the needs of personal mobile phone signal shielding, which is very undesirable. When purchasing a mobile phone signal jammer, you should choose a well-known manufacturer, so that the signal shielding effect, as well as the follow-up technical support and maintenance, are more guaranteed.

In the mobile phone signal jammer industry, Haisi Zhongtuo Electronic Technology, as a professional mobile phone signal detection and mobile phone signal shielding supplier, is undoubtedly quite reliable. Haisi Zhongtuo Electronic Technology has its own patented technology, which can produce high-quality and qualified mobile phone signal blocker products, and has designed mobile phone signal blocker solutions for many prisons and schools in China to perfectly meet the customer's mobile phone signal shielding needs.

Topsignaljammer's mobile phone signal shielding solution is quite professional and reliable, and truly achieves both communication and shielding.

Taking schools as an example, in order to prevent students from cheating in exams, schools have requirements for mobile phone signal shielding. The Topsignaljammer can multiplex the mobile phone signal jammer to expand the mobile phone signal shielding range, and this shielding range can be regulated by software. It is very convenient to change where to block and how large the shielding range is, so that the school can open the mobile phone signal blocker when there is an exam, close it during the normal time period to meet the needs, and can control the signal shielding In classrooms and campuses, do not interfere with the normal communication of residents in the surrounding areas, and truly use mobile phone signal jammers in a reasonable and compliant manner, so that both communication and shielding are correct.

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