Range and price of cell phone jammers

Range and price of cell phone jammers

Mobile phone signal jammers are used in many occasions, because the current level of informatization is getting higher and higher, and many hard research results are likely to be easily spread. This effect is very bad. . So it is very necessary to use a cell phone signal jammer.

The 5G version of the cell phone signal jammer mainly includes: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 2.4G (WIFI), 5.8G (WIFI), 5.2G (wifi) and walkie-talkie signal frequency bands.

1. 869 - 894 MHz

2. 925-960 MHz

3. 1780-1920 MHz

4. 2010 - 2145 MHz

5. 2300-2485MHz

6. 2515-2675MHz

7. 3400-3600MHz

8. 4800-4900MHz

9. 5125-5350MHz

10. 5725 - 5850MHz

11. 758-788MHZ (±2MHz)

12. The emissivity of the VHF frequency band of the walkie-talkie is 136-174MHZ (±2MHz)

13. The emissivity of the UHF frequency band of the walkie-talkie is 400-470MHZ (±2MHz)

14. Input voltage AC-110V-220V 50Hz

15. Antenna type Built-in omnidirectional antenna

16. Body size: SG-10 340*230*50mm, SG-Z10 size: 390*290*79mm

17. Weight: about 2KG for SG-10, about 5KG for SG-Z10

18. Shielding range: Radius 1-25m (about 50-300 square meters, the actual shielding distance depends on the strength of the on-site signal)

19. Applicable mobile phone types: 2.4GWIFI/5.8GWIFI and 2G/3G/4G/5G/UHF/UHF mobile phone signals and walkie-talkie signals.

20. Working environment temperature -30-55℃

21. Relative humidity ≤90% (RH)

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The above frequency bands include all mobile network communication frequency bands in China, but the signal strength of each test room is different, and the frequency bands that need to be shielded are also different. Therefore, the more frequency bands to be shielded, the higher the cost. You can freely shield the frequency bands according to the occasion. Choose the matching, which can not only ensure the shielding effect but also reduce the purchase cost price.

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