Questions about signal jammers

Questions about signal jammers

Question: Can cell phone jammer block CDMA?

Answer: You can block it. Out-of-service equipment can be adjusted to block electromagnetic waves in the corresponding band. CDMA uses the 800MHz frequency band. You can interfere with this frequency.

Question: How to protect against signal interruption?

Answer: Keep away from the shielded area. If it's not important, don't use your cell phone's signal jammer. Use a long antenna to increase signal reception. Use the antenna inside the container outside the signal jammer.

Question: Can jammers block PHS?

Answer: Yes, the general design of cutoff frequencies for mobile phone signal jamming devices is: 869MHz-894MHz, 925MHz-960MHz and 1900MHz-1990MHz, 1805MHz-some frequency bands. Frequency division, frequency hopping filtering and other techniques can achieve the purpose of shielding to obtain the required cutoff frequency depending on the magnitude of the cutoff power. In this space you can customize the sphere diameter of the cell shielding space of about 3-100M.

Handheld Portable GPS Jammer Blocks GSM 3G 4G WiFi Frequency

Question: Is there radiation in the signal interference of mobile phones?

Answer: Mobile phone jammers do not have to avoid the danger of radiation. Like mobile phones, mobile phone jammers are radioactive. The production of smartphone jammers has been tested with radiation intensity within the scope of the relevant department, security. Not a large amount of power generally applied to signal gps jamming in classrooms, conference rooms and other small spaces mobile phones.

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