Prison mobile phone signal jammers are not very effective in some prisons. What is the reason?

Prison mobile phone signal jammers are not very effective in some prisons. What is the reason?

In recent years, prisons, detention centers and other supervision places all over the country have invested funds to purchase prison mobile phone signal jammers, expecting to use prison cell phone jammer to scientifically and effectively control and prevent mobile phone signals in prisons, and to prevent illegal use of mobile phones. security risks. Ensure the smooth progress of supervision work. However, due to various reasons, the prison mobile phone signal jammer does not work very well in some prisons, and has become a problem for the prison. The following is an analysis of what is the reason.

1. Distribution of base stations

The effect of the interference area in the prison is not strict, and there are a large number of blind spots and dead angles. The signal interference in a large area near the window of some prison areas, especially on the side with the direction of the base station, is not comprehensive, and there are large leaks to leave opportunities for criminals. The use of mobile phones does not serve the purpose of completely preventing the use of mobile phones.

2. Machine quality

Cell phone jammers in prisons work erratically, sometimes good and sometimes badly. Especially if you buy a machine with low price and low quality, the reliability is not high and the failure is frequent.

It is recommended that if you have a purchase need, you can go to the website to go to the regular prison mobile phone signal jammer manufacturer to learn more information, or fully communicate with our after-sales technicians, and conduct a thorough analysis of the local signal distribution and building structure. Our prison mobile phone signal jammer has strong technical capabilities, advanced product technology, stable quality, and a large number of successful cases to meet your needs.

blocking signal device

What should we do in this situation?

In order to prevent criminals from being in contact with the outside world, it is necessary for prisons to install prison mobile phone signal shielding devices. So what factors will affect the effect of prison mobile phone signal jammers, and what should we do in this case?

In fact, due to the different power of the signal base stations of China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom, the distance between the base station and the prison, and other nearby buildings and terrains, the signals in the prison area are also different. In addition, factors such as the building structure of each prison and the direction of the on-site base station are different, resulting in different cell phone signal strengths in different areas of the prison. In the actual application environment, the direction, power level, distance of each base station, and the difference in field strength between indoors and outdoors will cause very complex adverse effects on the signal of the prison mobile phone signal jammer.

If you encounter the above situations, we can conduct a very careful on-site measurement of the prison environment, conduct a thorough analysis, and install the prison cell phone signal shielding device wisely. Detailed analysis of on-site signal distribution and building structures. Use professional instruments to measure. Understand the real requirements of customers, formulate personalized solutions, and solve the problem of the shielding effect of prison mobile phone signal jammers for customers scientifically, rationally and systematically.

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