Principles of drone equipment

Principles of drone equipment

The mainframe of the UAV countermeasure equipment is composed of three frequency bands, remote control image transmission signal 2.4G5.8G, positioning signal 1.5G plus transmitter antenna and power management control center lithium battery, integrated design, can generate 2.4GHz/5.8GHz at the same time Frequency band UAV flight control jamming signal and satellite positioning jamming signal, through blocking the UAV's uplink flight control channel and satellite positioning channel, so that it loses flight control instructions and satellite positioning information, making it unable to fly normally , Depending on the design of the UAV, the control effect of returning home, forced landing and hovering will be produced.

The topsignaljammer UAV countermeasure equipment uses radio communication technology to control the UAV. By transmitting high-power interference signals to the target UAV and suppressing the control signal, the UAV can be forced to land or return on its own.

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Once the UAV jammer is turned on, the jammer will transmit a full-band jamming signal to the UAV, so that the UAV will be out of the control of the operator and will automatically land on the ground without receiving the control signal.

Once the UAV’s signal is in a state of confusion, it usually has 3 options: drop to the ground, return to the operator or descend smoothly. The effective range of this UAV jammer reaches 500-2000 meters.

The use of anti-UAV systems has a strong interference to illegally invaded UAVs, and it can also meet the needs of forced landing or returning home. There are many types of anti-UAS systems. When choosing an anti-UAS system, you must determine the type. When you choose a good type, you must conduct a test to test whether the anti-UAS system is better for drones. The function of interference or signal cut-off.

As the industry's leading provider of low-altitude security solutions, topsignaljammer has launched a comprehensive solution to the problem of drone countermeasures-"topsignaljammer"drone signal jammer.

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