Principle of telephone signal jammer

Principle of telephone signal jammer

Phone signal jammers interfere with the electromagnetics of mobile networks, but only for downstream and upstream signals. By packing this area, the phone can send its signal to other receivers, but not network data.

For the mobile signal strength (BCH signal Broadcase channel signal) or jammer to work or not work in the fill area, the fill signal must be much stronger. In addition, the degree of interference is determined by the signal strength in the area of ​​the package. Usually, the stronger the mobile phone signal, the closer it is to the base station. Then the area to pack is smaller, with a radius of 0.5-9.0 meters. Jammers lose their fill effect, even if they are fairly close to the base station. On the contrary, the phone signal is weak, and the filling radius reaches 5-50 meters. Therefore, it is important to understand the mobile signal strength of the populated area to organize the appropriate number of cell phone jammers, installation locations and cell phone jammer combinations, and to jam accordingly where applicable.

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For example, when the fill range is within 200 meters, then a phone jammer is enough to wall mount 1-1.8 meters above the ground. If necessary, place two or more jammers of 200 meters or more on the front and rear walls; if a large number of signal blocker are used, 1000 meters or more can also be placed outdoors. Also, it has the best filling effect when the jamming machine is dispersed by the honeycomb method.

Each country has legal standards for using different frequencies for different applications to avoid signal interference. Therefore, cell phone jammers can interfere with other applicable signals of electronic devices such as radios and televisions without affecting the telephone signal. At the same time, the phone signal jammer either receives or cuts off the transmission link between the mobile phone and the base station, which will not cause adverse effects on the use of the mobile phone.

Although the jammer has a stronger signal strength than BCH, tests clearly show that it is still weaker than the electromagnetic waves produced by cell phones or networks. No harm to human health for long-term use.

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