Price analysis of mobile phone signal jammer

Price analysis of mobile phone signal jammer

Many customers call and directly ask how much the mobile phone jammer is, just like when you go to a car 4S to buy a car, you directly ask how much your car is, and then the merchant quotes you 1 million, and the customer will say The things in your house are too expensive, people buy tens of thousands of them!! A look of bewildered...
Next, the most detailed price analysis of cell phone jammer, I will analyze the signal jammers at different prices according to the different power, frequency range, accessories and appearance of the jammers.

Classification of mobile phone signal jammer shielding signals:

As the name suggests, the mobile phone signal jammer can shield various mobile phone signals. Of course, it can also shield other wireless signals by adding different modules. What are our common signals?

Mobile phone signals include: 2G/3G/4G/5G, WiFi (2.4G/5.8G), GPS, Beidou, Bluetooth, walkie-talkie, remote control, etc...

wifi jammer

To be more detailed:
The 3 modes of GSM (2G)/TD-SCDMA (3G)/TD-LTE (4G) currently used by China Mobile;
China Unicom uses GSM(2G)/WCDMA(3G)/TD-LTE(4G)/FDD-LTE(4G);
China Telecom uses CDMA1X(2G)/EVDO(3G)/TD-LTE(4G)/FDD-LTE(4G);

As can be seen from the above, the signal frequency bands used by each operator are different, so when we purchase jammers, we also need to consider which operator's signal we want to shield, or directly purchase a model that shields the entire network.

If you only consider shielding a certain section of signal, you can choose a single shielding signal shielding device, such as: GPS signal shielding device, used for mortgage car service, can be made into two or three roads, each road can be more than 2W, the price will be lower Very cheap.

Classification of the transmitting power of mobile phone signal jammers:

The size of the transmitting power of the mobile phone signal jammer, generally 2 watts corresponds to a gain of 33db, what is the db value, the db number represents the relative ratio of the signal strength of the input and output ports of the device (or system), such as:

+10db means that the output of the device amplifies the input signal by 10 times
-10Db means the output of the device attenuates the input signal by a factor of 10
Therefore, the higher the power, the more expensive the price of the corresponding mobile phone signal jammer;

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