Ordinary classrooms use high-definition cameras with full-band jammers to cause controversy. The school: usually not used

Ordinary classrooms use high-definition cameras with full-band jammers to cause controversy. The school: usually not used

Full-band jammers, high-definition cameras, synchronous timing radio clocks... These electronic devices that should have appeared in American blockbusters or some high-end organizations in the eyes of ordinary citizens have recently quietly entered the ordinary classrooms of a certain university in Huaian. Controversy also ensued. Some students reported that the mobile phone signal was poor, and some students felt that they were being watched at any time. To find out, yesterday morning, the reporter conducted a field visit to the school.

Supervise or Monitor? Students Divide

Xu, a sophomore student at the school, told the reporter that these electronic devices were probably installed a few days before the National Day. Electronic equipment." Xu said: "Everyone knows the camera, but we are not very familiar with the full-band cell phone signal blocker. I thought the white box was a wireless network signal amplifier or used to place the power switch, so I didn't Why take it to heart."

It wasn’t until the penultimate day before the National Day holiday that student Xu suddenly found that the signal in the classroom was particularly poor. “I sent a WeChat message more than a dozen times and it showed that the sending failed. At first I thought it was my mobile phone, but later with me Several classmates who attended the class together also said that the information could not be sent out, although the signal in the teaching building was poor before, but it was not so bad, so everyone guessed that the white box might be a full-band jammer."

The students of the school have different guesses about the use of these high-sounding and seemingly high-end electronic devices. Xu believes that these electronic devices should be used to urge students to concentrate on listening in class. "I think this is good. Nowadays, there are very few college students who can concentrate on listening to lectures and don't play with their mobile phones. Sometimes teachers are too embarrassed to control them. The effect is not very good, and now the full-band jammer is used to block the signal of the mobile phone, and the students cannot play with the mobile phone. Although the problem cannot be solved fundamentally, it can play a certain role in supervision.”

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But Ji, who was standing next to Xu, told the reporter that these electronic devices are probably only turned on during the exam to prevent students from violating the discipline of the examination room, and should not be turned on every day. "If, as Xu said, the school puts these electronic devices It is turned on every day, not so much as supervision, but as monitoring. Let’s not talk about whether the installation of cameras has violated the privacy of our students, just say that you turn on the full-band jammer to block our mobile phone signal all day long. What should I do if my family or friends are in a hurry to find me, but I can’t get through when I call myself?”

The school: I don’t usually use it, and the shielding test caused the phone to have no signal

So, what are these electronic devices used for? The reporter found Xu Hong, deputy director of the modern education technology center of the school. After Xu Hong learned of the students' guesses and opinions on the use of these electronic devices, he told the reporter apologetically: "It may be that the time is relatively short, and our school has not had time to explain the use of these electronic devices to students in detail. These electronic devices are used for The construction of standardized examination rooms is not usually used, let alone used to monitor students."

It turned out that the school has been trying to become the national postgraduate entrance examination test center from the Provincial Examination Institute and the Municipal Examination Institute. "If the application is successful, we will be the first among many universities in Huai'an." Xu Hong told reporters, "According to the According to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education, if you want to become a postgraduate entrance examination test center, you must build a standardized test room, and the hardware facilities for building a standardized test room include full-band jammers and high-definition cameras.” In addition, it also includes synchronous timing radio clocks and metal detectors. , ID card recognition device, "These electronic devices are also being equipped, and the construction will probably be completed in late November."

Xu Hong told the reporter that these electronic devices are usually not turned on, "only when the state-regulated exams such as the English 4 and 6 exams, the adult college entrance examination, etc. will be turned on. The behavior happened.” As for the students’ report that the signal in the classroom was particularly poor two days before the National Day, Xu Hong was a little bit dumbfounded, “This is all a misunderstanding. We conducted a full-band jammer on September 27 and 28. Debugging, and at this time when using mobile phones in the classroom, there is naturally no signal. After the debugging, the problem of no signal reported by the students will naturally not exist. In the future, we will notify the students in time when we need to debug, so as to avoid such misunderstandings from happening again .”

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