Need to use mobile phone jammers in the classroom

Need to use mobile phone jammers in the classroom

Disadvantages of using mobile phones at school

With the improvement of our standard of living, junior high school students usually have their own mobile phones and other electronic products. This situation has caused many problems for school management. Students stay up late at night, use text messages on their mobile phones, and browse the Internet. During the day, the whole class yawned and the students bent over and slept. Currently, the use of mobile phones in the classroom is very prevalent and we believe that students have the right to use mobile phones during class. They didn't listen to the instructions, so they were sending text messages, listening to music, watching videos and movies on their mobile phones playing games, so they had to repeat it over and over again. It didn't become. Some students answered and called out during class.

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Solution to this problem-mobile jammer

There is no good reason to use a mobile phone during class hours. If there is an urgent need, there is always a phone call on campus for all students who need it. All mobile phones are exhausted at school, 99% of the time sending texts to friends in another class, taking pictures, surfing the internet, and teaching teachers over social networks. I'm doing "killing time". Only on school grounds, students are encouraged to concentrate on the school during class hours. After school is over and they leave the affected premises, they can reopen the phone and provide services as needed. They leave school as soon as possible. Or, as a more convenient way, these signal jammer have an on / off switch.

To prevent students from sending text messages or making phone calls to their classes, a Washington state junior high school has invested a small amount in cell phone blockers.

Some students and parents said, "Even at school, parents need to keep in touch with their students, and students also need to contact their parents," but not in time. .. At school, students can bring their mobile phones to school, but they must be closed during class hours.

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