Most people buy jammers to fix vulnerabilities in cell phone systems

Most people buy jammers to fix vulnerabilities in cell phone systems

With the development of smartphones, user data is stored on both mobile phone and PC, which includes privacy, photos, property and many other aspects. Tens of millions of cell phone users have been targeted by malware, according to data released by Symantec mobile devices. Hence, people pay more attention to cellphone safety. In order to keep cell phones safe and protect personal information, people are thinking of ways to make the cell phones self-compensate, but in this case there will always be some imperfections.

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For these problems, most of the people choose to purchase cell phone jammer. Mobile internet is more convenient than other methods.

Currently, Android and iOS are dominating the smartphone system, and Android has become the most popular mobile phone system. Unfortunately, Android is the biggest security risk and is becoming a problem for many cell phone users: From 2014 to 2016, the iOS vulnerability remained relatively stable, but the total number of malware in the Android range increased by 105% in 2016.

Nokia pointed out that the infection rate from Windows will at some point be carried over to smartphones, as smartphones are now the preferred access route to the Internet. In addition, “the vast majority of malware in the smartphone world is distributed in the form of Trojan horse applications. Phishing, advertising or other social engineering, downloading and installing applications to deceive users. "

Domestic Android users are at greater risk

It should be noted that domestic Android users are at greater risk. The report indicated that the region has the highest market share of Android devices but has no security awareness. Users and some manufacturers are cutting costs at the expense of security, making Android users in the region more vulnerable to attacks.

On July 1, the China Mobile Security Ecological Report indicated that Android phone system vulnerabilities have become the top security threat. More than 90% of the Android phones have security vulnerabilities of various levels: 95.4% of the devices are high-risk vulnerabilities, up to 94.1% of the Android phones are insecure and 90.6% of the devices have the highest security vulnerabilities.
Where does the Android security risk come from?

According to reports, there are many errors in Android phones that have a lot to do with opening the Android system. Since Android is an open source system, anyone can view and edit the contents of the system. However, even if you just change the look and feel of the messaging application, you may encounter some unknown errors.
On the other hand, Android devices are prone to malware infection due to the possible installation of third-party applications. In fact, even Google Play, Google's official store, frequently reports Trojan horse usage so keeping Android phones away from malware is not easy.

Raising safety awareness is the most important thing

It should be noted that iOS devices will also be exposed to security threats such as: B. the use of the three "zero-day vulnerabilities" of the iOS spyware "Pegasus" to break into the device "iPhone" and access the device, the phone and the messaging applications in messaging, regardless of whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, there is a need to raise your security awareness.

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