Most countries approve jammers

Most countries approve jammers

Mobile phones are banned at the exam venue, but MBBS students in the final year of a private university were able to cheat on a recent exam via a Bluetooth device and microphone. "To prevent fraud during the exam, we installed mobile phone jammers at four exam venues. The supervisor also instructed us to closely monitor student movements and thoroughly check suspects. Was handed over to the dean, "said the dean.

Cigarette Mobile Jammers are very useful when attending nightclub parties. With such a fun move, I want to avoid the fascinating moments and have complete fun without getting boring calls from home. For example, there are many other areas where high-power cell phone blocker may be needed. If you are using your favorite mobile phone jammer and need confidentiality, you want to make sure you block mobile phone calls from network service providers.

In Japan, government-issued licenses allow jamming devices to be installed in public places such as theaters and concert halls. And last week, the French Minister of Industry approved a decision to allow them to be installed in cinemas, concert halls and theaters, as long as they are ready to make emergency calls.

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Canada was considering allowing blocking in similar situations. However, the Canadian Ministry of Industry, which regulates national telecommunications, could compromise personal freedom and affect public safety by disrupting communication with law enforcement and security agencies. I opposed this.

The government has taken steps to fully address the threat of child pornography, as it is "impossible" to install gps blocker on school buses on the benches of three judges led by Judge Dipac Misra. Said that.

Currently, the main corporate users of jammers are hospitals, concert halls, and movie theater operators, but some banks also have devices in automated teller machines to prevent "ore" (me, me) fraud. Is installed. ..

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