More improved latest jammer

More improved latest jammer

Blocking is a device called a GPS jammer, which can jam GPS signals and even stop signals perfectly. Introducing excellent performance.

Performance Criteria: BMB4-20002 Interference: Encryption Related Information: Overall Array of Business Secrets Embedding Scrambled Bandwidth: 10kHz ~ 1.2GHz (No Notch Point) Phone Jammer Charging Type, Optimal for Vehicles is. It can also block Gps, wifi, and glass.

6 Antennas Handheld GSM 3G 4G Phone Jammers Disturb GPS Lojack WIFI Signal Bands

It can also interfere with bt and is compatible with smartphones and PCs. We have further improved the model that is optimal for the 2017 frequency! If it is quite hot, you will have it, so please use it upright! If you want to place it flat, put a stand in it and make an air passage! It is also very convenient for rechargeable. Since it is a power supply type from a jammer outlet, it is a fixed type indoors. The power supply is 100V to 240V specifications that can be used in the world. It's convenient and safe.

Call suppression device

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