Mobile phone signal jammers are necessary for secret-related places of administrative agencies

Mobile phone signal jammers are necessary for secret-related places of administrative agencies

Mobile network communication is an all-round open electronic communication network system. Mobile communication needs to complete the instructions issued by MSI equipment and base stations every day. Capture all your addresses and voice call information at any time. In fact, the mobile phone may leak secrets even when it is not in use. After all, in the unused state, the mobile phone must maintain uninterrupted signal exchange with the communication system, resulting in the electromagnetic spectrum, which is very easy to be identified, monitored and tracked. According to information experts, no matter whether you use a mobile phone or not, you can also use a simple mobile phone digital password to wirelessly turn on the mobile phone and monitor any conversations you have. Therefore, the cell phone signal jammer should be assembled in a secret place. Relevant national agencies have imposed the following requirements on the application and management of mobile phones of government agencies and their staff:

Discussion of state secrets while using cell phones is prohibited.

Mobile phone signal jammers are necessary for secret-related places of administrative agencies.

It is forbidden to use mobile phones to store and transmit state secret information.

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Mobile phones are not allowed to be brought to the main venue of secret meetings involving our country, places where matters involving state secrets are discussed, or the central computer room of classified computer software. If you bring your mobile phone into the above areas due to special circumstances, you should remove the rechargeable battery and take shielding measures.

In important main venues, examination rooms or other confidential venues, mobile phone signal jammers should be used to shield mobile phone data signals to prevent mobile phone leakage.

Chengdu 8341 Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mobile phone signal jammers. He has more than ten years of experience in working as a mobile phone signal jammer factory. For the conference hall of confidential venues, it is recommended to use the model specification: 8341-D10. This mobile phone signal jammer is embedded with a soft-sided omnidirectional antenna, and the 12 safety channel radio frequency modules work independently, which is convenient for update and replacement. The mobile phone signal jammer can block every 2G/3G/4G/5G/mobile phone Bluetooth/Wi-Fi number. Reasonable shielding range ranges from 0 to 30 meters (-75dBm, under bright room conditions, depending on the distance from nearby communication base stations)

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