Many Applications of Phone Wifi Signal Jammer

Many Applications of Phone Wifi Signal Jammer

* Meeting room, office meeting room

Prevent trade secrets from leaking; prevent calls to employees at unscheduled meetings.

* Protect students from cheating or calling exams in schools, training rooms, exams, classrooms

* Allow children who are not keen on playing games, computers and phone calls to spend more time at home and in the living room

improvement activities

* Hotels, motels, motels

Eavesdropping on personal privacy from suspicious cameras while tracking GPS hotels

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* Use prisons, military bases

Riots, calling prisoners for harmful activities such as delivering drugs to collect prisoners, etc. prevent it.

* Parking lot, car mortgage company

To prevent the driver's car from tracking a device using dangerous GPS, the use of GPS jammer can interfere with the GPS signal.

* prevent another factory

Workers make phone calls, thereby increasing productivity and reducing workplace injuries
Bombing caused by gas stations, oil terminals, chemical plants, electronic factory phone signals* Company washroom protection and workers working on the phone in the company washroom Improve work efficiency

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