Maintain order in the doctor's office

Maintain order in the doctor's office

Many schools need to prepare for the exam, such as classroom placement and placement, staffing, and how to stabilize the order of the exam rooms, when the exam is held each year, which makes the school more. increase. Headaches are the current surge in "tech" cheating methods, as these "tech" principles and methods differ, and schools are often difficult to deal with.

Currently, a kind of mobile jammer has been introduced in front of the university, which can protect various aspects such as electronic signal fraud and effectively ban it. So what is the working principle of the signal jammer in the test room?

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In the face of "tech" with different principles and means, what methods can be used to deny all these "tech" interferences? First, let's take a look at the "high-tech" principle. Although any method or method inevitably sends or receives signals in the office, the office signal jammer separates the connection directly from the electronic signal level. Not surprisingly, no matter how hidden the method, all stop operations are unavoidable, so this type of machine has now become a new favorite in major offices and is receiving a lot of attention.

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