Keep your smartphone away from you when you sleep

Keep your smartphone away from you when you sleep

Mobile phones typically use low frequency radio signals to send information. In the process, people can be exposed to bad radiation, especially when streaming or downloading large files. Radio frequency (RF) energy mobile phones need to transmit information via radiation, and research shows that doing this often can endanger your health.

Current studies have yet to prove that mobile phone radiation is harmful, but many studies show that there is a close relationship between mobile phones and people's health, especially children. I am. Several cities, including Berkeley and San Francisco, are now receiving notifications from the state and advising citizens to keep their mobile phones away.

Dr. Devla Davis of the Environmental Health Trust said it was unwise to make a call. In fact, the mobile phone makers themselves agree. For example, Apple has added an "rf Contact" notification to "iPhone Settings". Note that the iPhone's rf radiation range has been tested. It is 5 mm away from the human body, which is the thickness of a ballpoint pen, and meets US safety standards. However, this notice also recommends the use of speakers or hands-free devices to reduce radiation exposure. This is the same as the new California guidelines.

Dr. Davis said most people aren't aware that this is a clear warning to keep the phone away from the body, not the body. Of particular concern is that most parents do not even pay attention to these warnings. They have no control over their children and cannot expose them to radiation damage from mobile phones. Therefore, do not bring your smartphone too close to you when you sleep. Keeping them away will affect your health.

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If the above situation is unavoidable, signal jammers can solve the problem of cell phone radiation when people are sleeping. cell phone jammer are specially designed to block cell phone signals, and there are also small jammers designed to block WIFI signals. Turn off your cell phone signal. WIFI and GPS signals can also be interfered with. First, you need to use the built-in antenna mini dual frequency GPS jammer for charging, which improves the charging effect.

Purchasing wifi jammers is considered the best way to protect yourself from hackers and attackers, and 0.2 types of radio jammers have been invented. It is a portable portable jammer. Therefore, you can choose between them. I'm glad to offer WiFi interference. If you use only devices such as WiFi jammers, you can limit access to intruders. Cheap WiFi is popular with many young people. But one drawback is that kids spend a lot of time on WiFi phones, get hooked on the internet and affect their learning.

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