Jammers mislead mobile phones into the blind spots of the network

Jammers mislead mobile phones into the blind spots of the network

Experts say that malfunctioning devices that interfere with mobile phone signals are illegal and potentially dangerous. Why did someone see them on Google on Monday? We can thank a Philadelphia man for hating people on his daily bus trip and for the local press happening to drive. A few days after the article was published last Friday, people seem to have a new interest in these devices. These devices sell online for less than $ 40 to over $ 1,000 and are the focus of security professionals.

Richard Mislan, an assistant professor of computer and information technology at Purdue University, said: "It's not clear that all wireless connectivity systems are in Backstage and maintain data communications in everyday life." Last week, Philadelphia television station NBC10 said a man had a signal jammer on the way to and from work. Reported that he admitted that he had taken away the person he was talking to.

"I'm very likely to learn the law myself and I'm proud of it," said the man. He was called "Eric" by the broadcaster. He called the person who used the phone on the public bus, which was annoying and rude. "Many people are very noisy and have no sense of justice or privacy," Eric said. "When I'm tired, I close the antenna and switch it on." The story spread. Obviously intrigued by people. From weekends to Monday afternoon, from discovering Lindsay Lohan's "Saturday Night Live" display to news about Super Tuesday area code, "Handy portable jammer" is one of the top 10 Google Trends searches. was.

The legality of jammers varies from country to country. It is generally illegal to sell, own, or use in the United States without government permission. These devices can be sold on several websites. Former U.S. Army correspondent Mislan said law enforcement agencies are "very specificly concerned" about how criminals use cell phone jammer. He said that even those who don't want to do it anymore can only silence their nasty neighbors on the bus, which can be harmful.

Portable Mobile Phone Jammer Block GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI Signal

For example, in Philadelphia, GPS jammers may interrupt communication between a bus driver and a dispatcher in an attempt to provide emergency or traffic information. This does not apply to other people in the area who may miss a significant phone call (except for insulting speakers) "Who plays God on our phone?" Mizuran said. .. The function of the jammer is similar to an online denial of service attack on a website. The jammer sends a signal at the same frequency as the cell phone in the area.

Mizuran said: "Basically, from an amateur's point of view, they only interfere with the signal in the area." "If necessary, the signal will be louder than any other sound in the area. Make a call. You will not be able to connect to the tower, because there is another type of noise on the road if necessary. "Under federal law, illegal use of jammers can result in imprisonment of up to $ 16,000. It's possible. So if they are illegal and can be harmful, why is it so easy to find a disturber online? Mislan says, "This is the Internet. You can buy whatever you want anytime, anywhere. "" Unfortunately, it's all about the dollar. "

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