Jammers make your trip safer

Jammers make your trip safer

If you think that expensive GPS jammer can protect your car 100% safely from all kinds of thieves and hijackers and also offer many options for controlling your vehicle, you could be wrong. There is sex. Of course, smartphones and simple cell phones can be used as remote controls for car alarms, but keep in mind that these modern smartphones are vulnerable to a variety of hackers and attacks. That's why using mobile gadgets as a remote control for car alarms is not the best idea. However, GPS car jammers have many advantages. First, all code capture devices used to hijack vehicles are completely useless. In addition, the engine can be started remotely, which is very convenient when parking outdoors in winter. However, there are two fairly old and well-known ways to go beyond them.

Desktop 8 Antenna Adjustable  WiFi GPS Mobile Phone Jammer

Google's augmented reality glasses, the so-called Google Glasses, are very popular with tech enthusiasts and those who like modern and interesting gadgets. However, some people are concerned about privacy. If gadgets become widespread, we will all be subject to hidden video surveillance. This is why even large communities are trying to limit these glasses in public places. The Google Glass demo shows that this is a truly modern and completely secure device with a portable jammer similar to information protection, but many believe it causes a lot of privacy issues. I am. .. With Google Glass, owners can transparently capture and store videos and images, eavesdrop on people, and immediately send all the data they collect to social networks. Another privacy issue here is that Google Glass can automatically identify a person in a crowd and provide all of that person's data over a social network.

Yesterday, at a "hacking" conference in Amsterdam, n.runs AG security consultant Hugo Teso reported on a simple, completely realistic hijacking case using a simple Android application. .. Hugo Teso has been working in the IT industry for 11 years. He is also a commercial pilot and has flown thousands of times. Therefore, he can combine his expertise with jammer and his experience to analyze the security levels of aircraft computers and communication protocols. He was able to detect the vulnerability using two new aircraft communication systems, collect information about the vulnerability, and finally use it. He created a special SIMON framework and mobile Android application (PlaneSploit) that can send malicious code to the flight management system. At the meeting above, he also showed how the entire process works and gained full control of the aircraft from an Android smartphone. However, as long as the Android OS is one of the most vulnerable to malware attacks, you can use any mobile phone with an Android OS to create the material.

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