Jammers Main technical indicators

Jammers Main technical indicators

Hidden Jammers Create new concerns about corporate safety because they pose a danger. Using mobile phones at gas stations, gas stations, oil fields, oil fields, etc. can cause fires and explosions. The result is very serious.

Jammer Main Functions The 4-channel model only effectively shields CDMA, GSM, DCS, and PHS mobile signals but does not affect other electronic devices that operate normally, and shields telephone signals from base stations under normal circumstances. Use the best results at a distance of 200 meters The slow start circuit, which is powered on for a long time to stabilize the work, sets the line to avoid the mechanical switch generated by the ignition phenomenon. Shield radius: 20-80 meters Shielded signal bandwidth.

12 Antennas 2G 3G 4G Signal Jammer For WiFi GPS LOJACK 30Watt

CDMA: 869-894MHz GSM: 925-960MHz

DCS: 1805-1880MHZ 1900-1990MHZ

3G: 2010-2025 2110-2145 MHZ

4G: 2300-2380 2555-2655mhz

3G / 4G cell phone jammer Working Hours: Long hours without interruption or stability

Ambient temperature: -40 ° C to + 55 ° C

Relative humidity: 30% -95%

Power adapter: Input AC 160V to 240V Output DC 12V

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