Jammers have protective significance for the country

Jammers have protective significance for the country

As part of the tightening of security measures at Kukke Sri Subrahmanya Temple, one of the pilgrimage centers in southern India, the monastery authorities have installed cell phone jammer. The devotee's request is to take this initiative to keep the temple free from noise. Temple engineer KC Udayakumar told TOI that the mobile signal jammer was debugged a few days ago.

"We have installed mobile signal jammers with the help of private organizations. There are regulations to keep signals from required service providers and block other service providers. However, we have blocked signals from all providers. of services in the temple To prevent worshipers from using cell phones. ”He said, adding that so far the move has been a success.
He said, "With the new initiative, the faithful will be at ease." He added that most of the faithful are happy with this new decision.

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Vatican City (Reuters) - For hundreds of years, the Roman Catholic Church has relied on the walls of the Sistine Chapel to keep the election of a new pope a secret. However, in the face of the cardinal's tweets and a year of leaks, the Vatican must now turn to the electronic arsenal.

Workers are preparing the Sistine Chapel, and a secret ballot is slated for next week by laying a false floor over its ornate tiles and installing electronic wifi jammers to shut down the 15th-century chapel (Michelangelo's great signal escaping ruins). Wall painting "The Last Judgment".

The UK will use advanced drone jamming technology at public events and large-scale sporting events to detect, track and destroy all drones stolen from a distance by terrorists as airborne weapons. The device is produced by a consortium of UK companies and is an advanced version of the suite used by celebrities to protect their privacy. It can detect, track and destroy all rogue drones operated remotely by terrorists as airborne weapons. The newspaper claimed.

Its deployment took place amid growing fears of terrorists using drones carrying explosives or radioactive material to launch attacks.

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