Jammers have different frequencies and uses

Jammers have different frequencies and uses

Cell phones are full duplex devices, meaning they use two different frequencies, one for talking and one for listening at the same time. Some wifi jammer only block one of the frequencies used by the phone and therefore block both frequencies at the same time. The phone was tricked into thinking that there was no service because it could only receive one of the frequencies.

The size of the fixed jammer is larger and the suppression radius is large, about hundreds of meters. Such devices can be installed in private homes, businesses, universities, train stations, oil rigs, etc. By using silent wireless communication, you can work securely on the Internet without worrying about your data, especially data on bank accounts and plastic card numbers. It is also important to take care of the device's battery as there are portable lockers that can run on batteries, while fixed lockers can operate on the network. When choosing a cell phone jammer, please contact our experts about all jammer settings. We would be happy to solve your problems for you. Portable jammers can be purchased online and keep private conversations private.

Less complex devices block only one set of frequencies, while complex jammers can block multiple network types at the same time to prevent phones with two or three modes from automatically switching between different network types to find an open signal. Some high-end devices block all frequencies at the same time, while other high-end devices can be tuned to specific frequencies.

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There are also silencers with different frequencies and uses, such as B. radio jammers. The following will implement the setting to prevent access to the access point or router via the wireless network. If you enable this function specifically, you can deny the configuration via access points on the Wi-Fi network. However, in some cases, this may not protect the user from being intercepted as the exact signal to be removed and the blocking function must be known. Device. . Even if the devices that support the most advanced security technology are not properly configured, it cannot provide the network security required. Each standard has its own technologies and settings that can be used to improve the level of security that users will need to apply in practice to keep their own data safe.

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