Jammer store is easy to find

Jammer store is easy to find

Cell phones and power grids sometimes use GPS satellite signals as a source of accurate time information.
GPS is even used to provide accurate timing information for certain computerized financial market transactions.
Other GPS navigators used by ships and light aircraft can also be interfered with.

In 2009, Newark Airport in the United States discovered that some of its GPS systems were repeatedly malfunctioning.
This problem was ultimately attributed to truck drivers using GPS jammer.

Cell phone jammer are widespread on the internet which is one of the reasons Mr Cookshot believes the jamming law needs to be tightened.

He believes Project Sentinel should now focus on developing systems to intercept the systems that are using jammers.

He said, "The next step is to evolve the system so that it can be used at runtime so that you can identify the jammer in use and connect it to the pilot using it."

Logistics companies and other businesses often install GPS tracking to track the movement of vehicles.
They can also be used to track vehicles with heavy loads.
Researchers believe most GPS jammers are used to prevent these devices from working.

Handheld all in one UAV jammer That Can Interfere with 500 meters

Former dean of the Royal School of Navigation, Professor David Last, told the BBC: “The power of GPS satellites is no different than the headlights of cars, so they have to illuminate half the surface of the vehicle. The earth."
“A jammer with very, very low power transmits on the same radio frequency as GPS and drowns out it.

He said, "Most of them are used by people who don't want to be persecuted."
However, the interference technology can cause safety problems with other systems that use GPS.

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