Is there anything that can block the signal? Is it a signal blocker?

Is there anything that can block the signal? Is it a signal blocker?

In our daily life, sometimes the mobile phone signal is suddenly disconnected and cannot be used. This is very likely that someone has installed a signal blocker around you, and its purpose is to prevent everyone from using the network normally. Is this true?

Have you ever encountered such a situation around you? I believe many people are skeptical, but friends living in urban villages have the most say. Because in urban villages, sometimes the signal in the place where you live will suddenly be disconnected, or the signal is very bad. But when you go outdoors, the signal will be restored. Especially when the signal outside is very good, it can be used normally, but as soon as you enter the house, the signal suddenly breaks or is not good. This is likely to be installed with a signal blocker.

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But the question is, why would someone install a signal blocker in their own home? In the urban villages of each city, some network cables are used by two families. Because the environment is limited, this is the only way to operate. But some people, for the sake of profit and performance, may come up with some crooked ideas. Nowadays, 4G and 5G network speeds are very fast. Data traffic alone can meet the pursuit of most people. No one wants to install broadband WiFi. Some people even have unlimited data traffic, so there is no need to install broadband.

Therefore, according to the above description, it is very likely that someone has installed a signal blocker for cell phone to prevent the mobile phone from receiving external base station signals. Another possibility is that someone has installed a signal amplifier in his home, causing confusion of other signals. So the mobile phone signal is not good. The houses in the urban village are concentrated, and the signal coverage is not enough. Some building areas may have poor signals or no signals. In order to attract tenants, the homeowners will install signal amplifiers. If the signal amplifiers are installed too much, the signal will be confused and the signal will be not good. As a result, in these areas where signal amplifiers are not installed, the signal is worse, or even there is a signal but the Internet cannot be accessed, or the network is very stuck. This is the situation of being robbed of the Internet.

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