Is the mobile phone signal shielding cabinet reliable for use in important conference rooms?

Is the mobile phone signal shielding cabinet reliable for use in important conference rooms?

Cell phone signal blocking can affect data signals. Signal blocking is often used in exam rooms to prevent students from cheating on their phones. Examination rooms have also become common monitoring instruments. on mobile.

It can be sold in examination rooms for candidates, and can also be used in private venues in key conference halls of administrative agencies or companies to prevent some people from using their mobile phones to leak important conversations.

In addition to the cell phone signal jammer that can affect the signal, the mobile phone signal shielding cabinet can also have the function of affecting the signal. Mobile signal blocking cabinets can effectively suppress mobile phone calls.

The alarm system is leaked and can store several mobile phones at one time. Mobile phones can be standardized and managed in confidential places such as government agencies, military units, conference halls, and examination venues.

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The signal shielding cabinet is fully suitable for use in conference halls. If the conference hall area is large, multiple signal blockers are usually needed. At this time, signals can also be used.

Shielded cabinets, each drawer cabinet is equipped with a secure mailbox lock, which can complete an integrated management method. The interior of the mobile phone shielding cabinet is solved by electroplating technology, and the surface is coated with high temperature to be wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

Radiation protection products, so when choosing shielding equipment for conference hall applications, you can choose appropriate equipment according to your own requirements.

The shell is made of 0.9mm high-quality electrolytic thick steel plate, which is formed by sheet metal bending process. It is composed of upper, lower, left, right and four sides. All connecting parts are continuously welded by argon arc welding machine. Ensure the overall compressive strength of the shell and the continuity of electromagnetic induction.

Cabinet door: The cabinet door is made of 12mm high-quality electrolytic thick steel plate, which is produced and formed using gold sheet curve processing technology. It has good compressive strength and bending stiffness. The surface of the server cabinet door frame and conductive gasket have undergone an electroplating process. After production and processing, ensure that its conductivity is good.

Structure: The structure of the drawer cabinet is composed of poles and baffles whose surface has been processed by electroplating process. Concave grooves are used to accurately position the poles and baffles, and are tightened with screws to ensure the consistency of the drawer cabinet structure.

Drawer cabinet: The drawer cabinet is made of 0.6mm high-quality electroplated tin thick steel plate and is cold-extruded through a unique mold to ensure consistent size. There are drag-out positioning punches on both sides of the drawer cabinet, and a booster on the back.

The elastic compensation ensures accurate and consistent positioning after the drawer is locked. The inner hole of the crown is lined with velvet fabric, which is unique and soft and comfortable to the touch.

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