Is the higher the power of the mobile phone jammer in the examination room, the better?

Is the higher the power of the mobile phone jammer in the examination room, the better?

Among the numerous questions about mobile phone jammers in the examination room, the most frequently asked question is: Is there a maximum power shielding device? It is hoped that only one or two high-power jamming devices can solve the problem of signal shielding in all examination classrooms in a school. Why are the supervisors of the school examination room keen to ask such questions? Is the higher the power of the cell phone signal blocker in the examination room, the better?

First of all, of course there are high-power interference devices, and we can also customize various power levels according to customer requirements, but based on years of experience in the field of signal shielding, the suggestion we need to express is: examination room type Mobile phone jammers are not suitable for high-power models, and the power of shielding equipment is not as high as possible.

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The test room type mobile phone jammers are installed in the school, mainly to solve the signal shielding problem in each test classroom. This is mainly for building interiors. However, since the school's teaching buildings are all reinforced concrete structures, each building has multiple floors, and each floor uses concrete or brick walls to separate several classrooms. For this type of building structure, if you want to cover the shielding signal inside it, choose a low-power test room mobile phone jammer and install it inside each classroom to achieve complete coverage in the form of a cellular network. This is the best solution.

So, let's take a look at the situation of high-power shielding equipment? Usually, high-power shielding equipment is used in: outdoor open environment, or relatively transparent open area without obvious obstacles. What will happen if the customer strongly demands that a high-power mobile phone jammer must be used? The result is: the shielding effect of high-power mobile phone jammers is indeed better than that of low-power shielding equipment. However, due to the blocking and attenuation of the shielding signal by the building walls, only one or two high-power mobile phone shields However, it is not enough to cover all the classrooms in a building to completely shield the signal coverage. There will be many blind spots in signal coverage, and these blind spots have to be supplemented by low-power test room mobile phone jammers.

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