Is the GSM900 in the 5G mobile phone jammer only a 2G shielded signal?

Is the GSM900 in the 5G mobile phone jammer only a 2G shielded signal?

In the product introduction of many 5G cell phone jammers, the logo about the GSM900 frequency band will be marked, which indicates that the device has the signal shielding capability for the GSM900 frequency band. Some customers raised a question: Is the GSM900 frequency band the 2G frequency band? Is the GSM900 in the 5G mobile phone jammer only a 2G shielded signal?

If this question was placed 10 years ago, the answer would be correct. The GSM900 frequency band at that time really refers to the frequency band of the 2G standard. The GSM900 frequency band in the 5G mobile phone jammer is to shield the signal in the frequency range where the downlink signal is located. coverage, the specific frequency range is: national standard: 930-960MHz, European standard: 925-960MHz.

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However, today, with the development and rapid popularization of 4G and 5G, as well as the 2G network retirement projects that various operators have already launched, each operator has launched a strategy to re-cultivate the GSM900 frequency band and re-cultivated the original GSM900 frequency band. Deployment and allocation, this has led to the fact that not only a part of the original 2G network is part of the GSM900 frequency band today, but also mixed with 3G and 4G mobile phone signals.

Although the above adjustments have been made, in fact, it has no real impact on the 5G mobile phone jammer. Because even if 3G and 4G signals are added to the GSM900 frequency band, the overall bandwidth of this frequency band has not undergone major adjustments. The shielding signal of this frequency band in the 5G mobile phone jammer still completely covers 930-960MHz.

One final note: the 930-960MHz frequency range covered by the 5G mobile phone jammer, of which 930-933MHz belongs to China Tietong, 935-949MHz belongs to China Mobile, and 949-960MHz belongs to China Unicom.

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