Is the 5G signal jammer not shielding well enough?

It is a well-known iron rule that mobile phones cannot enter the examination room, but according to common sense, cell phone signal jammers are generally installed in examination rooms. Is the 5G signal jammer not shielding well enough?

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5G is a new network standard that has been launched in recent years. It uses some new wireless frequency bands. Many old shields do not yet support 5G signals.

According to the requirements of the 5G frequency band, China Telecom and China Unicom's 5G mainly use the 100MHz 3.5GHz frequency band, and China Mobile mainly uses the 100MHz frequency band of the 2.6GHz frequency band of the 160MHz and 4.9GHz frequency bands.

Its working principle is: within the corresponding mobile network frequency band, use greater power to release stronger signals, suppress interference with normal signals, and achieve the purpose of shielding.

One possibility is that the 5G signal is not used on site, and the other possibility is that the 5G signal itself has strong anti-interference capabilities, and signal shielding cannot suppress interference.

5G signal jammers on the market are mainly divided into 5G versions and non-5G versions. The 5G version of the mobile phone network signal jammer can block mobile phone network signals in the full frequency band of 2, 3, 4 and 5G. The 5G version cannot block 2, 3 and 4G signals.

The size of the shielding power will also affect the shielding effect. In addition, the shielding effect of the 5G signal jammer has a great relationship with the strength of the on-site signal. If the signal strength is large, the signal may not be controlled, so a larger jammer needs to be considered.

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