Is it still effective after installing a full-band signal jammer through the wall in the examination room?

Is it still effective after installing a full-band signal jammer through the wall in the examination room?

Now many schools are busy preparing for the examination room. This is because the most important exam of the year, the college entrance examination, is coming soon. In the face of this most important exam, many schools are actively preparing for the layout of the exam room, ensuring the normal order of the exam room and meeting the basic needs of the exam room, and many of them are responding to the increasingly rampant electronic For the signal cheating method, a full-band signal jammer was purchased as a countermeasure, but its effective range is limited, so a new question arises, is it still effective for shielding after passing through the wall?

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Does the full-band signal jammer have any effect after passing through the wall? We have a simple answer to this
In fact, let’s analyze this problem in detail. First of all, we need to know what power this full-band signal jammer has, because a single channel can be divided into 3W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 50W, and 100W. The effective range is different. If it is only a small power, it is generally used in a small open area, which is just enough to meet the size of a classroom. However, if it is required to pass through the wall, there is no shielding after actually passing through the wall. Therefore, if you choose a low-power full-band signal jammer, try not to penetrate the wall, and you can equip one in each classroom. And if you choose a high-power one, one machine can meet the shielding requirements of several classrooms or even a building. Generally speaking, there are still many questions about the purchase of full-band signal jammers for the exam. At this time, you can come to contact topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd. to understand related technical issues and prices. This is a company with a first-class team for technical support, and A manufacturer with many years of experience in developing full-band signal jammers has been highly praised by many customers who have cooperated with it. It is trustworthy to prevent electronic cheating in the examination room.

Many people have questioned, does the mobile phone signal jammer work? The answer is yes. Nowadays, whether it is civil service examination, college entrance examination or high school entrance examination, etc., mobile phone signal jammers are used. This kind of mobile phone signal jammer is used to shield mobile phone signals and prevent candidates from cheating. The effect is very good. For detailed explanation, let's look at the details of the staff introduce.

We have to analyze it according to the specific situation, and choose different mobile phone signal jammers according to different situations. We need to see how big the shielding range is. If the signal is shielded in the room or in the building, we can install a signal booster to carry out the shielding. Signal enhancement is used to cover the signal. To cover the signal, it needs to be much larger than the signal power sent by the jammer. The mobile phone signal jammer is mainly aimed at various examination rooms, libraries, schools, gas stations, etc. This kind of product belongs to a kind of green and environmentally friendly mobile phone signal jammer. Through these introductions, we should be able to understand that mobile phone signal jammers are definitely useful.

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