Introduce the topsignaljammer portable GPS signal jammer in detail for you

Introduce the topsignaljammer portable GPS signal jammer in detail for you

Details: topsignaljammer hand-held mobile phone signal jammer GPS jammer (2G/3G/4G full-band mobile phone signal shielding), because of its easy to carry, flexible use, built-in large-capacity battery.

Small size: hand-held design, can be mastered with one hand, the size is equivalent to the common mobile phone or walkie-talkie;

Easy to carry: it can be put into a pocket or a shoulder bag, and can be hung or worn on the arm and belt;

High power: can effectively shield all common mobile phone signals within a radius of 1 to 15 meters;

Stability: Exquisite ventilation and heat dissipation design, even if it is turned on for 2 hours continuously, the temperature of the case will not exceed 45; battery powered, safe lithium iron phosphate large-capacity battery, rechargeable, AC charging and car charging;

Professionalism: It can selectively shield mobile phones of different standards;

6 Antennas Handheld GSM 3G 4G Phone Jammers Disturb GPS Lojack WIFI Signal Bands

Personalized customization: Customize different types of shielded signals for different countries, regions or different shielding requirements;

Shielding range: Radius 1~15 meters (-75dBm, in indoor transparent environment, depending on the distance of surrounding base stations) Transmitting power: whole machine ≥4W Shielding signal types: GSM (Mobile/Unicom 2G), CDMA (Telecom), DCS (Mobile) / Unicom 1800M), 3G (Mobile TD, Telecom, CDMA2000, Unicom WCDMA), 4G (LTE/2.6G) GPS (L1 1575.42NHZ) GPS (L2 1200-1300NHZ) Signal types that can be changed: GPS (positioning) can be changed /Satellite phone), WIFI, or customized according to the national standard, American standard, European standard and other frequency bands, six-channel output, with frequency band switch, which can be selected and shielded for mobile phones of different standards


Make sure all antennas are connected before turning on the power switch; when using the device for the first time, please charge the device when the battery is completely exhausted; to extend the battery life, try to charge the battery for no less than 12 hours; to avoid The jammer has problems when it is used in the environment of too wet, too hot, high voltage and high magnetism. Please do not put the machine into water or fire. The radome is only used to protect and hide the antenna. In the actual use process, it can be determined according to the needs. Whether to install or remove the radome; In order to obtain better shielding effect, try to confirm that the antenna is perpendicular to the ground when using it; if any seal mark on the machine is torn, the warranty is invalid.

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