Interfering device that prohibits students from using mobile phones

Interfering device that prohibits students from using mobile phones

Students, teachers and parents are not convinced of this measure banning the use of mobile phones in elementary and junior high schools. The government prohibits students from using mobile phones in elementary and junior high schools. Children have the right to bring their mobile phones to school, but they cannot use their mobile phones before leaving school, even during breaks.

The proposed ban is part of Emmanuel Macron's plans during his successful presidential campaign. Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blankel has announced that the measure will come into effect in September 2018 from the next school year. Suitable for all high school students from 6 to 15 years old.

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According to Banlanquer, some schools use cell phone blocker to ban students from using mobile phones. "Sometimes you need a cell phone to respond to an emergency, but you need to control its use in some way," he said in an RTL broadcast. The minister clarified that the ban was also "public to family health information," adding that "it is best to prevent children from touching the screen frequently or frequently before the age of seven." rice field.

The French Principals Association has questioned the success of the ban. He states: "I'm skeptical of this new ministerial announcement because it's difficult to understand the practical issues. In general, we're used to logic and practicalism, and these announcements have no logic or practicalism. Deputy Secretary-General Philip Vincent (Philip Vincent).

In front of a junior high school in central Paris, the students interviewed did not seem to be impressed with this measure. "I don't know how it works. Who picks up the phone and where to put it ... How do you pick it up? A 13-year-old boy asked. At another facility, 12-year-old Matilde next My school doesn't use mobile phones in the classroom or during breaks, so what's the problem? If someone gets caught while chatting in the toilet or during lunch break Immediately the phone is detained and the student is arrested. "

Parents don't seem to be more excited. Sabine said: "This may be a good idea when the kids are in school, but I can't stop them from bringing their cell phones to the side." "My daughter went to school and this year I'll be back alone at midnight at this time of the year, so I hope she can bring her phone. This is encouraging. She added: "But banned. Is it better to install a signal jammer in the school than to be done?

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