Interfering device that disables the use of the phone

Interfering device that disables the use of the phone

Do you know how to block the radio waves of your mobile phone? I heard that some buildings do not reach the radio waves of mobile phones. With a mobile jammer, you can make calls and control outgoing calls, including whether the mobile phone is within or outside the service area. We manufacture signal jammer and sell them at online auctions. It has many uses. Recently, the number of cases used for test sites is increasing. It helps to ensure the fairness of the test site. This is an effective measure. Both the relevant governments and this use have a supportive attitude.

There is an entrance examination problem that was discovered. I tried to type the actual problem into my mobile email. That's a big problem. The university has begun various measures because of the succession of cheating using mobile phones in the exams. There are out-of-service devices that are attracting attention. A mock exam for university entrance exams was held. In order to familiarize students with the atmosphere of the exams that start nationwide, jamming devices have been introduced to prevent the use of mobile phones, just like in production.

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A blocking device is installed in the test room. Operate this device only during the test time. It is approved by the school. You can get approval for cheating measures. It's a jamming radio wave, so even if you get tired of it, it's exceptionally OK. It is effective to utilize these GPS jammers. Phenomena such as cheating are decreasing. Students can take the exam comfortably. We have succeeded in disabling the mobile phone. It can only be effective during that limited special time.

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