Interferers turn surveillance into paranoia

Interferers turn surveillance into paranoia

Inspired by the famous terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, modern surveillance is a more important way to protect people from possible terrorist acts and eliminate dissident acts. became. In addition, there are many companies that are willing to provide a mechanism to safely perform these tasks. Among these tech companies are the Wall Street Journal, a tool that governments can use to easily break into personal mobile phones and PCs, and a powerful electronic listening device that can record all active Internet communications across the country. I have something to have. These papers are from 36 different organizations with over 200 pages, brought to you by people who attended a secret security conference last month, but at the same time, surveillance jammers were pushed down.

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Many of the technologies presented at the conference are related to monitoring large amounts of information. A company has selected or blocked tens of thousands of simultaneous calls from landlines and mobile networks. Another article describes how leading Chinese mobile operators can help monitor Internet content and applications on Chinese mobile phones in real time. portable jammer prevent the information from spreading rapidly and make it more secure in an effective time. According to conference operator TeleStrategies, the magazine states that the annual retail market for surveillance tools has grown from almost zero in 2001 to $ 35 billion this year. The agency's organization claimed that their goods were designed to trap criminals and were sold only to government and law enforcement agencies.

However, some international companies have received unnecessary attention due to their recent business activities. Cisco Systems felt the inconvenience caused by the proceedings earlier this year. The company has been accused of providing and supporting a huge surveillance system that allows Chinese authorities to easily track and censor all Internet activities of spiritual groups. .. Cisco officials have denied all allegations that Cisco sells legal equipment in China is the same as legal equipment sold in other countries in the United States and is compliant with U.S. government regulations and laws. did. As you can see, if Cisco sells the same equipment around the world, US citizens are at the same risk as Chinese. Actually there is. Protect yourself with a wireless wifi signal blocker and keep no one looking at you. Of course, you are welcome to comment here!

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