Interferers can eliminate hidden surveillance

Interferers can eliminate hidden surveillance

From now on, you will be observed. Does it sound great or creepy to you? Look carefully at the stranger on the other side of the hall. He looks like he's chatting on his smartphone, but he's actually using a special app to take your picture. That's just the beginning. At a meeting on Tuesday morning, when you were joking about his new boss, a colleague's smartphone was quietly placed on the table and all the sentences you said were recorded. Later that night, when you flirt with a waitress at a restaurant, but made an innocent joke, someone recorded the entire interactive video.

At first glance, it seems that nothing can be done to prevent this from happening over and over again. Millions of smartphones around the world mean that millions of activity recording devices can capture every word or action at any time. After making these recordings, it is not important to publish your photos, videos, or audio to the Internet and share them with everyone. Maybe there is a way to prevent them all? let's see. Some may be smart enough to create an invisible cloak like a fantasy movie. Alternatively, the company is using James Bond movie clues to develop high-tech anti-monitors that allow you to roam public places without worrying about privacy issues. worry.

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In fact, this may be a company we are already familiar with. Especially because I'm already talking about a particular technology. For example, late last year, Apple filed a patent for a new technology that could be used to easily deactivate the iPhone's camera by pointing to the camera's infrared sensor. Developed to prevent copyright infringement of movies. However, even the general public can use it in advance. Todd Morris, founder and CEO of surveillance and anti-surveillance company BrickHouse Security, said there are already some early technologies to protect people from intentional recordings. For example, every woman can use the dressing room's wireless camera detector to see if a hidden camera is attached to her clothes. Yes, this often happens.

However, changing rooms and offices are quite different from crowded public places, so there are some restrictions. For example, if you use this Apple device to disable the camera, many people will definitely be in trouble just to imagine attractions or take pictures to commemorate their friends. This also applies to cell phone jammer, but it depends on the location (for example, cinemas need such jammer equipment so that the visitor's experience is uninterrupted and better).

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