Indoor and outdoor use distance of mobile phone signal jammer

Indoor and outdoor use distance of mobile phone signal jammer

The effective shielding distance of the place where the cell phone signal blocker is used refers to the indoor distance. There are relatively few obstacles indoors and there is a certain distance from the base station. If you use a desktop multi-antenna signal jammer indoors, the shielding effect will be better.

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In outdoor open areas, since there are not many obstructions, the effective distance of shielding can reach several hundred meters. It should be pointed out that whether it is used outdoors or indoors, the effective distance of the jammer has a certain relationship with the environmental conditions at that time. It is recommended to use a high-power signal jammer outdoors.

Such as the distance from the base station, placement location, etc. Therefore, when using mobile phone signal shielding, this factor should be fully considered to avoid blind spots in the shielding and affecting the shielding effect.

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