Important implementation of blocking mobile phone signals

Important implementation of blocking mobile phone signals

Today's world has entered a rapidly developing information age. Communication, especially mobile communication, has developed rapidly. Mobile phones have become an indispensable communication device in people's daily lives. While people enjoy the convenience of life brought by communication, they are also adversely affected. In the university's classrooms, libraries, conference rooms, etc., quiet places are needed, and you are often harassed by ringing phones.

Blocking mobile phone signals means blocking the connection between mobile phones and base stations. For example, examination rooms, conference rooms, gas stations and other places need to block mobile phone signals. Cell phone signal blocker can change the existing situation.

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The emergence of mobile phone signal shielding effectively solves the above problems. Shielding mobile phone signals generates specific electromagnetic signals. It covers two main frequency bands of GSM and CDMA at the same time, limiting the use of mobile phones in certain specific ranges (10 -40 meters to avoid affecting other non-shielded areas).

Installing signal jammer for sale can not only purify the environment, but also prevent leaks and crimes. Blocking mobile phone signals is of great significance to safeguarding the security of the motherland and protecting people's lives and property.

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