I heard that there are voices that prevent eavesdropping, but it is true

I heard that there are voices that prevent eavesdropping, but it is true

There is a voice that prevents eavesdropping

More precisely, it is a technique called "scramble", a jammer and a jammer. This jamming has become popular with the general public as mobile phones have become more widespread.

Interference is a machine that interferes with radio waves used in communication devices such as mobile phones. When this interference occurs, it interferes with radio waves from mobile phones that are some distance away from the device.

Familiar places where interference is used include concert halls, movie theaters, and hospitals where mobile phone use is restricted.

Recently, jammers have been installed around bank ATMs and are often used to prevent wire fraud. There may be many people who are familiar with the news.

And this interference is an effective preventive measure against eavesdropping using radio waves.

Interference can also prevent eavesdropping

You can use scrambling to block listening. Several scrambling machines are commercially available and can be purchased by the general public.

And the jamming machine can be divided into two types.

Type that blocks / blocks radio waves

A type that makes it difficult to hear the voice

There are two types of telephone scramblers: a type that blocks radio waves and interferes, and a type that makes it difficult to understand the voice. You can use either to block eavesdropping.

You can protect your privacy from eavesdropping with a single scramble machine that is the same size as your apartment room. Therefore, it can be expected to be an inexpensive way to prevent eavesdropping.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind with this method of preventing interference.

Precautions regarding the use of jamming

Interception cannot be completely prevented

There are two types of scrambling machines, but neither can completely interfere with listening.

The performance of 3G / 4G cell phone jammer that can be purchased by the general public is quite limited, and the type that blocks and prevents radio waves interferes with radio waves up to 2.4Ghz, but cannot interfere with radio waves any more.

Also, the type of voice that is hard to hear does not mean that you can completely mute your voice just by making it hard to hear, as the name implies.

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You may need a license to use the scrambling device

There are models that send mobile phone jammers. To enable this type of powerful jamming radio, you can only handle it if you are licensed by a third-class professional terrestrial radio technician.

Violations of the Radio Law will result in heavy penalties if used by an unlicensed person who is qualified as a jamming model.

Even if you block to intercept a spy, it will interfere with the communication of the mobile phone, so it is difficult to hear or hear the communication with the mobile phone. There is a danger of touching people.

You can't get stuck in a commercial facility or public transport

Blocking in commercial facilities or public transport violates radio law.

If using your cell phone on a bus or train is morally unethical, do not bring signal blocker into your car and use them only to avoid them.

As a measure to prevent eavesdropping, there are plans to install jamming in homes and offices, but there are limits to where jamming can be installed and where interference can be used.

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