How to work Jammer-Jammer principle

How to work Jammer-Jammer principle

Basic working principle

Mobile jammer is a device that transmits signals at the same frequency. The jamming section is successful when the mobile phone signal area is off if the jammer is on. Nowadays mobile users are increasing day by day hence the mobile phone. Jamming devices become civil by comparing with electronic devices to disable mobile signals in specific locations.

A mobile jammer is an instrument used to protect cell phones from receiving signal. The mobile jamming device broadcasts the signal of the same frequency to the GSM modem. If the mobile jammer is activated.

A cell phone is a full-duplex device that uses two frequencies at the same time and whose signals are processed at the same time. Some signal jammers can only block one of the frequencies. At some point this results in both being blocked because the phone thinks there is no service in the area because it can only get one of the frequencies.
In order to use a cell phone, a signal is sent from the phone to the cell tower. There are multiple cell towers in a city. The phone user moves through an area, the signal is processed by tower to tower.
A signal blocker transmits on the same radio frequency as the cell phone and interrupts communication between the cell phone and the base station located in the tower. This jamming is also called a denial of service attack because it prevents the service of the radio. Signal to users located within the coverage area of ​​the jamming device.

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Principle of operation of common jammers on the market

There are different types of cell phone jammers on the market: some devices can only block one frequency, while others can block multiple types of networks simultaneously. These latest models can automatically switch between different networks to search for a network. Open signal: high-end devices can block all frequencies at the same time, while others can be tuned to a given frequency.

In other words, they emit random glitches or noise over a wide range of frequencies, strong enough to prevent a nearby device from connecting to what it is supposed to. Kind of like standing next to a running car engine with the hood open while trying to speak. The local noise becomes overwhelming and the device can no longer establish its usual connection: by rapidly covering a frequency range, it effectively prevents the device from operating normally.

The emission of the carrier frequency of the electromagnetic disturbance signal and the carrier frequency of it is therefore both demodulation (reduction) of the receiver and the amplifier, interference signal and interference signals in the terminal reception at the same time. Real jamming signal carrier and carrier (type) model (carrier frequency), same appearance as car since the receipt of goods, the result is actually fake goods sent to the sender. Fairly good electronic jamming power, limited by interference signal, interference Can be to achieve.

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