How to use the wireless jammer correctly and compliantly

How to use the wireless jammer correctly and compliantly

When using wireless jammers and other communication signal blocking devices, be sure to use them correctly and in compliance. According to the current communication-related regulations, it is illegal to interrupt other people's signals on a large scale. Therefore, in order to ensure that other people's communication and signal shielding needs are not delayed, the use of wireless signal blocker must be correct and compliant.

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Many people should be very clear that the communication of mobile phones is transmitted through the signals of base stations. The coverage rate of mobile phone signals in China is relatively high. China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom are all sparing no effort to build infrastructure such as base stations. , Improve the coverage of mobile phone signals, so that people can receive mobile phone signals anytime, anywhere and in a timely manner to complete signal transmission. What the wireless jammer does is to block the base station signal within a certain frequency band and within a certain area, so that the mobile phone communication devices within the range of the wireless jammer cannot transmit signals. Generally speaking, wireless jammers are mainly used in prisons, military sites, schools and other places where mobile phones are prohibited.

Taking schools as an example, in order to prevent students from cheating in exams, schools need to block mobile phone signals. The wireless jammer is very convenient to use. When the wireless jammer is turned on immediately during the exam, the shielding requirements can be met, and the signal shielding can be controlled separately in the classroom and the campus without interfering with the normal communication of the surrounding residents. Really realize the correct and compliant use of mobile phone signal shielding to ensure communication and shielding.

Choose the right equipment: Choose the right wireless jammer equipment according to your specific needs. Different places and application scenarios may require different types and functions of jammers. Make sure that the equipment selected is capable of accurately blocking the signal of interest without interfering with other legitimate communications.

Determine the shielding range: Before using the wireless jammer, specify the shielding range. According to the specific conditions of the conference room, examination room or other places, adjust the power and coverage of the wireless jammer to ensure that the range of the shielded signal is limited to the target area and does not interfere with the normal communication around.

Pay attention to the safety and privacy of the place: When using the wireless jammer, pay attention to the safety and privacy protection of the place. Avoid using the masker to cause other security risks or violate the privacy rights of others. Make sure that the use of the jammer is limited to what is necessary and that it is turned off promptly after use.

Assessment of the impact of the surrounding environment: Before using the wireless jammer, evaluate the impact of the surrounding environment on signal shielding. Make sure the position and setting of the jammer can shield the target signal to the greatest extent while reducing interference to surrounding irrelevant signals.

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