How to use campus mobile phone jammer reasonably?

How to use campus mobile phone jammer reasonably?

The popularity of mobile phones has brought inconvenience to campus teaching and management. In order to prohibit students from using mobile phones in school and better restrain students from studying, many campuses have installed mobile phone signal jammers to interfere with and block mobile phone signals. But as topsignaljammer, a manufacturer of cell phone signal jammers, we would like to remind campuses of the need for reasonable application of cell phone signal jammers.

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Mobile phone signal jammers installed with approval on campus are also recommended not to be turned on for long periods of time during daily teaching activities. Teaching is about being persuasive. Turning on mobile phone signal blockers for a long time and forcing students to stop using their mobile phones is a form of trickery and may have the opposite effect.

Students should also realize that at this stage, study should be the main focus, and mobile phone entertainment can relieve stress. Installing Linchuang Technology mobile phone jammers on campus is also an act to assist students in their studies. A harmonious state should be achieved between the school and the students. Many schools have signed agreements with students on the reasonable use of mobile phones. Even some campus classrooms have "mobile phone corners" for students to actively place their mobile phones during class. mobile phone. This is a good plan.

Topsignaljammer's mobile phone signal jammer can be installed on campus, but it needs to be applied reasonably and used in the same standard to avoid causing major trouble to students and surrounding residents. For example, the mobile phone signal jammer is only turned on during campus exams, etc.

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