How to use a mobile phone signal jammer?

How to use a mobile phone signal jammer?

Currently, more and more companies and units are using mobile phone signal jammers. Some companies don’t know how to use them after buying them back, and the jammer manufacturers don’t provide instructions. So how to use a cell phone signal jammer?

At present, there are many brands of mobile phone signal jammers on the market, but they are basically divided into two categories: engineering machines and general machines. To put it bluntly, construction machinery is generally suitable for high-standard standardized projects, and its characteristics require stable performance and 24-hour continuous operation. Ordinary machines are general household machines whose performance is unclear and may affect the use of other people's signals.

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So, how to use a mobile phone signal jammer?

1. Make sure that the signal blocker you use is regular;

Second, use engineering machines with reliable performance as much as possible;

Third, ask a professional team to assemble it to ensure that it is within the shielding range and does not harm others nearby;

Fourth, connect the power supply to the machine and automatically shield the signal within the shielding range.

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