How to upgrade the 5G signal shielding of the police jammer?

How to upgrade the 5G signal shielding of the police jammer?

The police frequency jammer purchased by the customer earlier did not have the operator's 5G frequency jamming module. With the gradual popularization of 5G signals, the original police jammers without 5G frequencies cannot shield and interfere with 5G signals, so it is necessary to upgrade the frequency of 5G signals to the jammers in order to form shielding interference for 5G frequency signals. .

According to the operator's 5G signal frequency division promulgated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the original operator's 4G signal frequency, the 700M shared by radio and television and China Mobile, the 3.4G-3.6G frequency of China Telecom and China Unicom, and the 2555-2655 frequency of the original 4G mobile phone are spread spectrum To 2515-2675M, that is to say, to upgrade the 5G shielding module of the police frequency signal jammer, 2-3 modules need to be added, and the mobile 2.6G module needs to be spread spectrum. The shielding interference of 5G signals can be realized. Some friends will ask, why hasn't the frequency of 4800-4900M increased for mobile 5G? This is because the current frequency of 4.8G-4.9G has not been fully spread out. It is necessary to judge whether the police jammer needs to increase the jamming module of this frequency band according to different use sites.

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To upgrade the 5G shielding of the police frequency jammer, it only needs to add 2-3 frequency bands of jamming modules and spread the frequency of the 2.6G module, which can already meet the shielding of most mobile phone signals on the scene.

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