How to solve the communication jammer

How to solve the communication jammer

Specific problem

Many people have such a problem. I have a question about cell phone jammer. "It seems that mobile phones will be banned at school. I thought it would be difficult for teachers working in the field to just keep it.
However, if it is forcibly prohibited, I think there is a way to install a mobile phone jammer in the school, but what about it legally, it is a radio law to install such a machine at the individual's discretion. Do you not touch such things? "

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It depends on what the machine is like, but if it emits radio waves, it is necessary to obtain a license as a radio station. If you do not obtain a license and install it at your own discretion, it will be a violation of the Radio Law.
If it emits only weak radio waves, it is out of the regulations of the Radio Law, but it is hard to think that things that affect other machines are within that range.

Regarding this problem, "The range of communication deterrence effect is limited to a certain space, and the space (concert hall, theater and theater; hereinafter referred to as" concert hall, etc. ") is not open to an unspecified number of people. ..
It is necessary to protect visitors to concert halls, etc. by deterring communication from mobile phones, etc., and to ensure the smooth execution of business.
In concert halls, etc., consent for deterring communication shall be secured from users of mobile phones, etc.
In addition, in this requirement, the installation location is "concert hall, theater, theater", but it does not judge whether the license is licensed or not based on the name of the facility, but the purpose of the entertainment at the place where the experimental test station is established. , Judgment by content etc.
For example, museums and libraries are generally places where it is necessary to keep calm, but since it is unlikely that the above requirement [2] is satisfied, the establishment of the radio station is not permitted.
The licensed subject of this experimental testing station is the managers of concert halls, theaters and theaters, manufacturers of radio equipment, and mobile phone operators. I said the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

If you don't follow the rules of the law, you can use the jammer if you need it, without abusing it. After all, jammers have many advantages. Of course, everything cannot be touched on the premise of observing the law.

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